Air Ducts and Heating Systems
Air ducts and ventless air conditioner  are used in both heating and cooling of homes and made of collection tubes and are used to distribute air that may have been heated or cooled to the various rooms in the home. This system is safe and cost effective and when compared to other heating and cooling methods. The duct system have other important effects on occupant's health made possible by the distribution of indoor air pollution and requires regular maintenance of professionals.

The air duct system consists of branching network of tubes generally made of fiberglass tubes, metal sheet or a composite of flexible plastic and wire located within the floors, walls and ceilings. This system has supply and return ducts where heat is derived from a central heating system usually a furnace or heat pump or a cooling system usually an air conditioning unit. A fan forces the air from its source leading to the rooms and recirculates the air through return ducts in each rooms and hallways. These kind of recirculating system will cause the loss of the heating and cooling energy of the source by as much as 25 to 40 percent, because of this, it is important for regular check-ups and repairs if necessary to be able to cut down on losses and make the system more efficient and effective. The loss of energy maybe attributed to the conduction of heat from the warm surface or from leaks in crack and small seams. Same information applies to cooling devices. It is important for the duct system to be insulated to minimize energy loss. The leakage from the duct system can be a source of hazard to the health of the occupants as these leaks can suck in unwanted gases such as radon gas from soil surroundings, flue gas from the furnace that may contain carbon monoxide. Radon gas has been associated as the leading cause of lung cancer. Avoid these potential problems in the home by upgrading your duct system or simply getting regular air duct cleaning when you have the opportunity.

How to tell if your duct system has problems? Frequent inspections by AC Repair service provider will reveal problems in your duct system and the more common sources of problems come from ducts installed in the attics that are not insulated, in the basement, joint spaces like a blind alley duct, disconnected, damaged and torn ducts and those homes designed without any return duct work at all. A system without a return duct work can suck hazardous gases and pose as health hazard.